Bluetooth technology


The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bluetooth

Bluetooth, which provides a way for you to connect to and exchange information between other devices such as:

mobile phones, telephones, laptops, personal computers, printers, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, digital cameras, and video game consoles through a secure, globally unlicensed Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) 2.4 GHz short-range radio frequency bandwidth.


Some applications:

A typical Bluetooth mobile phone headset.

More applications of Bluetooth may include:

Wireless control and communication of you mobile phone and a hands-free bluetooth headset.

Wireless networking control between computers in a confined space and where little bandwidth is required.

Wireless communication between PC input and output devices, the most common being the mouse, keyboard and printer.
How about wireless internet connectiveity! via USB ports

The transfer of files between devices with OBEX technology.

The transfer of your contact details, calendar appointments, and reminders between devices.

Replacement of the traditional wired serial communications in test equipment, GPS receivers, medical equipment, bar code scanners, and traffic control devices.

For controls where infrared was traditionally used.

Sending small advertisements from Bluetooth-enabled advertising devices to other Bluetooth devices.

Game consoles, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3, use Bluetooth for their respective wireless controllers.

Dial-up internet access on personal computers or PDAs using a data-capable mobile phone as a modem.


Expected use cases include your watche displaying Caller's ID information, or sensors monitoring your heart rate during exercise, and other medical devices. The Medical Devices Working Group is also creating medical device profiles and associated protocols to further enable these type applications.

Bluetooth low energy technology, designed for devices to have a battery life of up to one year or more.

Bluetooth Experiences ...

Automotive Applications:

Auto manufactures are designing their vehicles equipped with Bluetooth devices or compadible with other bluetooth products and devices.

Eliminating the traditional home wired telephone:

With Bluetooth technology your wireless phone can do more than you realize. There has been a tremendous drop in traditional home wired phone installations opting for one single communication device that handles all your needs. That saves a few bucks off your monthly budgeting.


Not only have bluetooth devices come ready to take pictures in a flash but off loading them to other devices can be done in a snap as well.


You can create the perfect mp3 playlist and then connect to your wireless headphones or speakers and rock out wherever you go!

Web surfing could never be easier

Bluetooth technology has cleverly fused together and all in one mobile device that brings together the PDA, MP3 players, Palm Pilots, Game apps, video viewing and so much more from one device.

Unlike infrared, Bluetooth isn't a line of sight and it provides ranges of up to 100 meters. Bluetooth is also low power and low processing with an overhead protocol. What this means, is that it's ideal for integration into small battery powered devices.

To put it short, the applications with Bluetooth are virtually endless.

Disadvantages Bluetooth has several positive features and one would be extremely hard pressed to find downsides when given the current competition.

The only real downsides are the data rate and security. Infrared can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which provides very fast rates for data transfer, while Bluetooth only offers 1 MBps.

For this very reason, infrared has yet to be dispensed with completely and is considered by many to be the complimentary technology to that of Bluetooth. Infrared has inherent security due to its line of sight.

The greater range and radio frequency (RF) of Bluetooth make it much more open to interception and attack. For this reason, security is a very key aspect to the Bluetooth specification.

Although there are very few disadvantages, Bluetooth still remains the best for short range wireless technology. Those who have tried it love it, and they know for a fact that Bluetooth will be around for years to come.

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